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Breaking the mould

We often start our days with the same routine, it works, at times it flows and what is needed to get done gets done, or not.

How do you feel when you leave the house and all that you wanted to do is not done.

Do you leave the house dreading what you’re going to come home to, or do you leave not worrying about it knowing you did what was needed and whatever else is needed will be done eventually.

Have you ever considered when you get up that there is a different movement that’s required for that day, that maybe you get ready for the day first then have breakfast, or you pack lunches or prepare dinner before you go to work rather than when you get home.

What if by responding more to what is needed in each moment rather than a tick box kind of day, there could be more space, more of an opportunity to have a flow where things just roll, no pressure or stress.

There are always the basics that need tending to, but what if those basics were not done in a set order but in response to how you felt to do them.

Letting go of any pictures on how your morning should be, no expectations on how your day looks, removing the anxiousness and overwhelm of day to day life by being present in each and every moment.


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