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About Nicole

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Nicole's Background

Working as a Hairdresser for the last 26 years there has been a lot of time spent with clients in what at times has been very personal moments.

Clients feeling safe to open up and share their lives in ways they do not always share, they develop a connection with their Hairdresser they see as a space where they can open up and express whatever is going on for them in their lives.

It is during this time that extending the service as a Hairdresser was expanded to offer a deeper level of support, and counselling felt like the obvious perfect partnership.

Nicole's Story

Growing up never knowing what I wanted to do but always having a strong sense of community and people, knowing that what I did was not ever really about the kind of job but more about being with people.

I have always loved hearing about peoples lives, talking with and sharing with them how life has and is forever unfolding and changing.

I know from my own personal experiences my life has taken many turns, many of them at the time felt unnecessary but looking back they have all had a point of reflection that have offered me a point of evolution and an expansion from one point to the next.

It is these seemingly unnecessary moments that have been my greatest learning, and from them I have found it supportive for not only myself but also others. It has developed a deeper understanding and allowed me to step back more from life and observe rather than react to all that unfolds around me.

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To hold everyone as equal, for what we all have to offer each other is a never ending well of advancement, when seen as equal we are given the space to move without the expectations we have become accustomed to accept and believe are our normal.

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