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Titles of a Woman

As a woman it can be easy to get lost in life, overwhelmed with the expectations of what it is to be a woman who works, has a family, is in a relationship, is a daughter, aunt, niece, grandmother, girlfriend, friend, any one of the many roles we play sometimes many at once.

With society clearly marking the way and attempting to set the standards, we can at times feel there is no space for us to simply be, to move in a way that deeply nurtures and cares for ourselves, putting others first and taking slithers for ourselves.

It is a tightrope walked for many, forever feeling like we are chasing our tail so to speak, what if there was no tail to chase and that the tightrope was actually a forever expanding path way that each step takin in a deeper level of care and nurturing for you and your body the pictures of how you or your life should be could fall away back into the mirage they came from.

A lived life of simplicity as a true woman without the impositions, ideals and expectations of how society paints the picture to be.


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